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Attorney SEO: Local Citation Strategy & Other Google Local Insights for Lawyers

Jun 28, 2012
If you do Internet marketing and Local SEO for attorneys, you'll find some gems in the posts below.

And even if you don't work with Lawyers, you'll find some gold nuggets that totally translate over to other local search industries.

<img src="http://marketing-blog.catalystemarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/AttorneyCitation2.jpg" alt="AttorneyCitations" width="65%" />
Image inspiration - NiftyLaw​

I think Mike Ramsey is one of the sharpest and most creative guys in local search! Back in August of 2013 Mike launched Nifty Law, which serves up some of the best info for Attorney marketing. So I wanted to share a few of their recent posts.

<a href="http://niftylaw.com/nifty-study-takeaways-part-1-citations/">Importance of Citation Consistency: NiftyLaw</a>

The SEO team at NiftyLaw.com participated in a two month long study of legal websites. We looked at over 1200 legal websites across 100 top cities. In the coming months I will be taking a closer look at each section of our study in a multi-part blog series. Part one of this series will be dedicated to our take-aways around “Citations” and citation consistency...

If you getting nothing else from this blog post, remember this point: Number of citations is not nearly as important as the quality of each citation. The less is more rule definitely applies here and will continue to grow more important in 2014 and beyond.

But to me that's only looking at part of the picture. Could be the listings that ranked on top had better on-site SEO or backlink profiles or something else.

The following post and citation list is from April 2013 but I assume is still pretty relevant.

<a href="http://niftymarketing.com/local-search-directories-for-attorneys/">Local Search Directories for Attorneys (Citations) | Nifty Marketing</a>

Here is the Attorney Citation list with links on Google Docs

Then here are a couple recent posts about Google My Business and the new Insights.

<a href="http://niftylaw.com/the-need-to-know-guide-to-google-my-business-for-lawyers/">The Need To Know Guide To Google My Business For Lawyers</a>

An Elegant Solution to a Host of Problems

Is Google My Business perfect? Not yet. Like any new product, there are quirks and bugs that Google is no doubt working out. As time progresses, we are sure to see changes, updates, and, hopefully, new features that continue to give small businesses power over their Google listings. We would love to see the ability to change the analytics time frame to at least the same time frames as the review analytics (last week, last month, last six months, etc).

However, the problems of not knowing where to go to make changes and what changes to make seems to be solved. And with actionable data that give you useful information about how your firm is doing on Google, My Business is sure to become an important part of your Internet marketing profile.

<a href="http://niftylaw.com/my-business-insights-for-attorneys-useful-or-frivolous/">My Business Insights For Attorneys: Useful or Frivolous?</a>

Google has been providing these insights, in some form or another, for a while now. In a way, it’s Google Webmaster Tools for Places. Insights provide some interesting data: how many people clicked for driving directions, how many people saw your listing, etc. Even with these stats, most Internet marketing reporting and strategy seems to discount the value of such information as just “Good to know”.

If you have been ignoring your Insights reports, be prepared to change. With the introduction of My Business Insights, Google has turned its redheaded stepchild into a full fledge member of the analytics family, allowing you to understand who is looking for you and how best to communicate with them.

Pretty nifty right?

What do you think???

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