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Australia & UK


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Sep 21, 2016

I have a client from Australia who wants to have an office in the UK. We have an UK address and phone number and the GMB mail verification is on its way.

For the website in regards to SEO rankings would it be okay to create a new Europe/UK focused homepage and then use the same content for the rest of the website?

What are the best practices for this sort of project?
Oct 25, 2013
Don't ever duplicate content across two sites. There might not be a duplicate content penalty as such, but it does keep you from getting the same results that you might have otherwise had.

Are both companies going to be operating under the same brand? Is there a reason you can't just have the UK GMB profile link to a UK specific section of the same site? You don't have to link a profile to the home page after all, you could have your original location still link to the home page, and the new UK location link to a UK specific subsection. Plus, if both are on the same site, both will benefit from any backlinks you get.

There's a great thread from last March with examples of how to make a proper local landing page for new locations, it's worth checking out.

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