Avoiding Doorway Pages/Creating Unique Local Content


Sep 17, 2019
Since Google serves local results for my client's target KWs, their site needs city pages in order to grow.

Either local businesses or directories of local businesses currently rank for the target KWs.

My client is neither of those. They refer users to local businesses. So they have no brick and mortar addresses in each target city, nor the ability to list a directory of local businesses.

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I need to ensure that each city page has valuable, unique and geo-specific content, despite the fact that they won't feature an actual directory for contacting businesses now (what users really want).

In other words:

A) Is unique text with info about the city that pertains to the search intent enough? Or will they be flagged as doorway pages?

B) Are their any creative ways to ensure each page has unique and valuable content?