Best URL Structure For Huge eCommerce Website


Dec 9, 2014
I am about to setup URL Structure for a website with more than 3000 products. However i am trying to understand which is the best URL structure?

An idea is to do this
domain. com/category/sub-category/product-name-size/

A good example is like

domain .com/Cfittings/ CPVCfittings/ 90*couplings/ What do you think of this?

Most of competitors, are not doing this hierarchy, and i feel that is confusing, and instead do domain. com/90*couplings-54556/

There is no duplicate, so under category and sub category i do not have duplicate content.

What would be your suggestion?

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
Generally I would make URLs short as possible, while still under a logical tree structure.

The structure you have proposed is OK, but starts to get crazy long.
domain. com/category/sub-category/product-name-size/
I'd be more inclined to drop the subcat and use tags, breadcrumbs and other parameters/filters to help people get to the right destination page. Google can handle wide, large scale sites.

The on-page, internal nav and internal linking are likely to pay you back better for ranking than an overly long URL.

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