Best Way to Rank for Nearby City


Local Search Expert
Sep 12, 2012
That's a lot of great information JoshuaMackens. I appreciate your instructions!
OK, it worked! I tried a couple likely gmail addresses, and one worked!!! Yay! Can't tell you how difficult and long a journey this has been. I now have access to the GMB and YouTube account. Wow!! Can't get over it! Really appreciate you taking the time.
OK, now as to deleting both of my verification & duplicate location attempts in GMB, that does not seem easy. Google gives no less than about 16 options once I choose the items to delete. The options all seem scary. Maybe I will look in the gmail I just reclaimed to see if there is a request I can approve from that end, no matter how long ago that was.
At this point, those listings aren't hurting you. You can leave them there. But if you ever need to declutter, I wouldn't be afraid to delete them.

Glad everything worked out! :)