CallRail - Main Line Tracking & Google Analytics Conversions


Jul 2, 2019
Wondering if anyone out there has run into the same problem we've been seeing over the past few months with CallRail, and the ability to use what was formerly referred to as using a "Main Line Tracking Number." Essentially we wanted to create one single number to track all online phone calls, without having to use a pool of numbers & DNI.

HOWEVER... After we followed the directions from CallRail concerning Google Analytics goals setup (which appears to be meant for DNI pools), all of the conversions are being bucketed into a traffic source of "Other" along with those visits being bucketed separately. So we've lost the ability in Google Analytics to track the source (the 'medium' is bucketed into "website/direct"), and it looks like a good chunk of conversion visits are now being traced back to "other." - Anyone else seen this issue and have a work-around (maybe Google Tag Manager)? Or are we now forced into paying for a pool of 4 numbers & DNI?


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