Can't find business by searching an address

Chris D

Oct 28, 2015
Hi all,

So I have case with my client website that is a bit tricky to me.

Client website is and I'm working on local SEO for them from quite long. They have GMB webpage, I'm building citations and it slowly get some good positions. So in general it looks that it's going a good way. When you search for their brand name you can see a big sitelinks & knowledge panel on a side.

But, a week ago I've found something. When you search for their address "Liwiecka 7/86, 04-284 Warszawa" Google won't show their website in a map panel although when you search for their competitors address Google mostly include them below the map.

On the screenshot below you can see what I mean. Do you know why Google is not showing my client website just below the map? Did I miss something?


I hope I'll interest you with my case :)


Chris D

Oct 28, 2015
Ok I know talking with my self on will looks weird but maybe I will grab your attention for a while :)

I think I found something in this case and it looks that Google is not handle addresses where number of building and local are used e.g. if your company is located on the Manhattan street in building number 3 but your office has number 12.

In my customer example:
- Liwiecka: name of the street
- 7: number of building
- 86: office number

I compared addresses of different businesses and found that pattern where if company use only building number in ther NAP (GMB and website) Google will show their name in "At this address" tab. When company will use building and office number then Google will not mention this company in At this address tab.

Now the questions:
If this theory is true?
If this is some sort of issue signal or it can impact local pack rankings somehow?

Cheers, I'm going to dig deeper :)

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Hi Chris,

I think due to the screenshot and address being in another language and from another country, it was hard for us to understand/relate to. But your 2nd post helped to clarify.

I had never done an address search in maps and scrolled down far enough to see "at this location"
so was not even aware of that feature.

Maybe Plug the address into Map Marker and see if it resolves there?

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