Changed to SAB and Traffic Dropped Big Time


Apr 24, 2019
Here are a few cases where this has worked for me:
Does that help?
Not really - just takes the user to nowhere in Maps?

While all is fair in war (and SERPs are undoubtedly a battleground to some) I think it'd be silly for Google to disqualify SMBs based on being run from a private home. Many legitimate small businesses operate out of their house. If your business license is registered to your home address it should not disqualify you from inclusion in local pack or anywhere else for that matter. Some businesses simply can't afford the overhead of leasing a physical office space - or are savvy enough to understand it's an unnecessary expense.


Nov 29, 2018
I'm looking for some advice on how to get my clients business back up in the rankings. His business is plumbing and when I took over his SEO, I changed his business from an address to an SAB. I did that because he was using his home as his address, which he does not service clients there. His address is in a smaller town that is outside the main city he really wants to focus on. I changed everything over to a SAB and listed the main city, plus the smaller towns around this area that he serves. Since doing this, his calls have dropped off and his listings on maps has become almost non-existent. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to get those results back up for him and get his calls back up to at least what they were, but hopefully a lot more.

I would like to know if others have seen this when changing to a SAB and what things have you done to find success in increasing traffic when switching over to a SAB? I am open to any and all feedback. We have been doing a Google post once a week and adding pictures to his listing in hopes to start seeing traffic increase, but so far we have see little change.

Thanks for any feedback and suggestions you can provide.
That happen to my as well but could be other issue.

First my site was listed with the physical address with 3 reviews but not verified due that the post card was not coming, but still was showing a lot in the 3 pack. after 2 months I verified and changed to service areas hiding my address and the site practically disappeared. So first thing I did today, I went back and list my address.
Please I appreciate any help on this.

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