Classic Maps won't Stick - Beginning of the End???

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Hey guys,

As the Pros know, if you do local search you need Classic maps as new maps is different and missing features we need for local SEO.

I always have my main FF browser that defaults to Classic maps and that's what I always use. If I need to research with new maps then I go to Chrome.

Starting yesterday and continuing all day today I can't get Classic to stick. Every time I research something it defaults to new maps. I change to Classic and then when it asks I select, yes keep Classic for future map searches. (Or whatever that wording is.) But then next time I check something I'm back in new maps again. It's just not holding my preference for Classic.

Anyone else having the problem?

Just a glitch or sign that she's forcing us to new maps because Classic is going away???

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