Combined local/organic listing in SERP?

Lloyd Silver

Forum Member
Jul 21, 2014
If you search in Google for "golf lessons st louis" ( you'll see that the first listing is St. Louis Golf Lessons. And you'll see that underneath their organic listing are there reviews and map listing. Plus they have their local listing showing up on the right side as well.

Setting aside the fact that this local listing might be outside of Google guidelines given the name, how did they get such a prominent display of their Google local pages?

I'm assuming it's because of their exact match domain and likely lack of much competition.
Jun 28, 2012
Hi Lloyd,

We call that a one box. It's supposed to show just for brands.

So if you are looking for a company by name and location that's what you'll see.

But sometimes Google gets confused if the name matches a generic KW search and awards an EMD a onebox when you were simply searching for City KW not a brand. Sometimes it's not even an EMD, just a close match and spammy KW stuffed listing that is close to matching the query.

A few months ago it was really bad and spammy KW stuffed listings were grabbing oneboxes and leaving the rest of the pack out of luck. But we complained like crazy and they rolled it back some. Still happens at times though.

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