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Nov 25, 2016
We are planning to develope a new website which will only deal in Local SEO. The purpose of this website is to get clients (lawyers, dentist, real estate owners and plumbers).

In the local service tab, we have decided to go with following services:

1.Google MyBusiness
2.Citation Building - Directories and Reviews
3.Citation Audit & CleanUp
4.Local SEO Audit
5.Local Link Building
6.Local Content Creation
7.Paid Marketing Local Business

Apart from this, we have planned to inclulde "Indusries" section in the main menu where we want to list or create pages for lawyer, denstist, real eastate owners and plumbers.

I need your recommendation on what content should we include in specific industry pages? When somebody brings their cursor on 'Industries' tab, and click on 'lawyers' page, what should I include in that page?

I am thinking of following this flow -

1) Identify the problem
2) Provide the solution
3) Present our credentials
4) Show the benefits
5) Give social proof
6) Make our offer
7) Call to Action


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Dec 8, 2014
all fine and dandy but I suspect the bulk of your business will be word of mouth... not too many prospects read many web pages these days I find :)

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