Creating a +Business page without using a personal account to create it.


Feb 6, 2013
Sincerest apologies if anyone has posted this question before - I assume it must be fairly common but I was unable to find an answer.

Is it possible to create a +Business page without using a personal account to create it? The situation is this:

My company would like to start providing options for clients with existing Google+ Business pages to give us admin rights to start managing their page without having to give us their email and password. However, in order to be added as a manager of a page, you have to have a G+ account. When you're added as a manager, your first and last name show in "Managers" section.

I don't want to have to show someone's first and last name, I'd much rather show my business name to clients just to avoid confusion. Considering that Google doesn't allow names that don't fit into their "Naming Policy," when creating a Google + account, is there any way to show a name on my account that is a business name?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!