Deleting 5 GMB/Maps listings

Janell H

Mar 18, 2014
Hi. One of our clients, an ENT practice, decided to change their marketing strategy to only promote doctor gmbs. However, we already created GMB listings for the 5 audiologists/physician assistants and now we want to remove those 5 listings. We already removed all 5 listings from our google account. How can we go about removing the 5 gmb listings from google search? Thanks in advance for your expertise!

Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
Hi @Janell H Google won't remove them if they are eligible GMB listings. What I would do instead is optimize the doctor GMB's for the main category you want to rank for and use a different GMB category for the specialized GMB's. For instance, you could use the "Audiologist" category for that GMB and a different category for the main doctor listings.

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