Differences in backlink profile with same citation service


Jul 31, 2019

For an easy example, I have 3 clients all in the same industry. All 3 clients have been submitted to a citation service for over a year (just inherited this problem client so I diving in deep). In the GSC backlink profile, 2 of these clients I am able to see the different directories where our data was submitted to. However, my problem client, I am not seeing any of the directories that I am seeing in the 2 other clients backlink profiles.

When I go directly to the citations that were submitted for our problem client, I am able to see the physical link that was submitted and the source code looks to be the same between clients citations.

What could be causing this issue where it seems like Google has not been able to find these links? Once again, they have been submitted to our citation service for over a year and I am not seeing a single link from this service in the backlink profile for this client. Any first steps I should take to help investigate?

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
@krempajl, do the links (in the listings/citations) point to the exact URL that the Search Console property is verified under? For instance, if the links all point to https://examplesite.com, but you're looking in the GSC property for http://examplesite.com, that would explain the discrepancy.

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