Does Anyone Know If Something Like This Exists?...


Nov 30, 2013
I'm looking for a white label dashboard and/or reporting software.

I would like it to do the following:

- Report Google Analytics
- Report reputation management/reviews
- Report citations/local directories
- Report social media analytics (i.e. Facebook likes)

Does anyone know of a solution that they would recommend?

Thank you!
Aug 7, 2013
Hi GetPhound,

There is no one tool that will do all those things for you as far as I know, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

- Report Google Analytics: Raven Tools Allows you to connect G.A. and GSC
- Report reputation management/reviews: Places Scout does allow you to do this and also brings in Citations and Bright Local does a nice job of Offering review Managment
- Report citations/local directories: Both BrightLocal and Whitespark offer citation services.
- Report social media analytics (i.e. Facebook likes):Raven Tools allows you to sync up facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinedIn

I guess if i was to choose any one tool or tools I would choose Raven and Brightlocal. I'm sure others will offer suggestions as well.


Oct 28, 2014
Thanks for sharing this. Is there a steep learning curve to this platform? Can it also report citations/local directories to track movement in the local listings?
Learning curve is probably a 5-10 min video tutorial.

You can track citation rankings as well, you'll just need the url for the citation and the KW you want to track.

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