Does Google Save Data on Unclaimed Listings?


Apr 29, 2019
Hello everyone! I've been lurking here quite a bit over the last month or so as i've been learning about specifically GMB listings and it's been great! Thank you for a nice forum.

Now, I've stumbled upon a question I couldn't find any answer to which is what the topic says, or more specifically:

If I claim a GMB listing and check the GMB Insights - Will I be able to see data for periods before the claiming was done? How many users that has visited the listing, what they did, etc.

Or would data like that only be registered if the listing is claimed?

Or perhaps the listing was claimed some time in the past but Google unverified it (or whatever) and therefore some data during the verified time will show up, but not during the unclaimed period?

(I don't have any listings to claim and try it myself at this point unfortunately)

Thank you in advance!



Jul 18, 2012
Hey Den,

Welcome. I'm always happy when lurkers join the forum! :geek:

The data is definitely stored before the claim period. Below is an example of a listing we just claimed a couple weeks ago (it was a practitioner listing that wasn't claimed prior) and you can see that there is data going back over a year. I used MapLabs to get the graph.

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