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Dec 12, 2013
Hey Guys,

A question for everyone about the utitlity of's open site explorer stats for local search.

I have a client in a small to medium sized market (DMA rank of 90-100). Think of a town about the size of Syracuse, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, El Paso etc.

not a huge market, but reasonable sized.

I'm working on their SEO for an independent used car dealer that doesn't rank at all.

When I pulled the moz stats, i found that they ranked ok. If moz authority were the only thing that mattered, they would be 3-5 ish in rank.

However, when I looked at the actual domains that point to any of these used car sites, I'd say that 95% were things that seemed like low quality. almost all their links were on page like this:

So, this gave me two questions:
1. I more accustomed to large scale SEO, not as much local. Given that most local sites have so few links, is the overall DA score on moz less useful - is it more useful to parse the links one by one?
2. Are these link really worth something? Maybe I'm being too hardheaded about "google only counting good links". For the #2 ranked site, they only have this type of links (per moz)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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