Duplicate merging not working


Dec 18, 2018
Hi everyone!
I am running into a merging issue with Google Support. I reached out to support to merge a duplicate listing into my claimed listing and I received a response from them same day saying that they have successfully merged the 2 listings. I checked back a week later and the duplicate was still live. I reached back out to Google and they let me know that they have successfully merged the listings again. I checked back in 4 days later and the duplicate was Stil live. Google then sent me a survey to rate my experience. What steps should I take next to get these merged?

Here is the thread I started in GMB Community Forum. This links for the main listing and duplicate listing are in there.

This business is moving locations on Aug 3rd so I would like to get this merged before then.

Looking for suggestion on next steps to take

Thanks :)

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