Dynamic Number Swapping (Call Tracking) Being Crawled By Google On Website


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Sep 12, 2012
Google does not like cloaking, but it is aware of many special cases where showing Google different content is fine. I believe call tracking is one of them.

Google has got better at rendering pages, so maybe some of these call tracking companies are behind the times, and it is letting Google swap in the tracking numbers.

Another way to test is to go into the GSC, do a URL Inspection, then a live test. It will provide you with a thumbnail preview and the rendered html that Googlebot sees. The Mobile Friendly Testing Tool can also be used for that.

I'd also be careful about marking up one number in structured data, and having another one made visible to Googlebot. That's against their Structured Data guidelines.
Good call. Correct phone showed up both times.

I guess the Cache and what's actually seen/indexed are very different. So interesting.

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