Examples of Amazing Local Landing Pages - List them Here!


Jun 6, 2019
I don't think a company the size of Roto-Rooter would be using a template. It's very likely a custom design.
Thank you Joy, Do you have any recommendation as to WP template which is something closer to this? I would greatly appreciated it.


Apr 14, 2019
So what do they need to know to make a decision? Where you are, when you're open, do you provide what they need, are you good (testimonials), can they trust you (testimonials, BBB, etc), and what sets you apart from your competition? Other than that, what else would your customer need to make a decision?
That's it Kat! I have learned, there is a big difference between a landing for PPC and one that is used for SEO organic clicks. I further believe that different types must be incorporated for mobile and desktop devices. Mobiles don't like to read. When a client pays for every click, and they are all trackable, your CTA must be singular, simple and strong.
Kat hit it on the nose, (Less is more). Yes, we can solve the issue, we're open, closeby, friendly and affordable. It's easy, just click our map for directions. A friendly CTA is paramount, and you should say it all in a video with a map below.
Reviews, I've found you can appease them with images and a link. "Check out our five star reviews." Put it at the bottom of the page to make them feel comfortable. My testing shows that they'll assume you have 5 stars and won't click. Bottom Line: Once a customer leaves, there gone. I use to sell cars, and new sales people believed they would be back as promised. The veterans use to laugh and give them some "Bee Back Powder." It took them a while to realize, they're not coming back. Same thing applies to landing pages... NOW is all you have.
You Lose 97% of Leads on Leaky Landing Pages – Larry Kim, WordStream.
Using videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86%. (Wordstream, 2018)
84 percent of landing pages have navigation bars, while studies show that removing navigation can boost conversions by up to 100 percent.


Apr 23, 2019
Currently brainstorming ideas and came across this. Love the examples! Since the examples were originally shared in 2016, I would love to see this thread refreshed with some 2019 examples of best in class location pages that also prove to attract steady traffic.

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