Expanding Territories-Adding New Geographical Areas


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Sep 5, 2013
We have a client that has done really well for their niche. Nice on page and has an office located in the city they rank well in for higher end construction projects.

We are now moving into a new territory (a suburb next door).

What is the best plan of action? Building new city pages? I hate to do it because their site flows well and looks nice. I think "Keyword-City Pages" will detract.

Perhaps I make them hidden from the menu, but still in the site map? Not sure if that is great either, they need to be internally linked from somewhere.

Thoughts as to expand?

I can already see the effects of adding new Geo within the pages they rank for, I had added anchor text and internal linking with that new area and can clearly see it splitting the link juice now (their rank went down for the area they were doing well in and the increased in the area they are coming up in).

Besides getting an office in that suburb curious as to other ideas?
Work on backlinks with anchor text, but to what page?


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