Favorite Fast Website Builder - GoDaddy, GMB website, Wix etc.


Nov 2, 2018
By way of introduction, I'm an experienced SEO and Wordpress guy. I've built many Wordpress based websites and while the flexibility is limitless, the maintenance and development costs for these types of websites begs the question. Is it overkill for a small biz (especially with Google's trend to keep B2C visitors from even hitting the website itself in the buyer's journey). That being said, I've been very impressed by the GoDaddy website builder which is a modular builder with many options and virtually everything a Local SEO expert could want with plugin integration for GMB, Yelp, and many other directory type 'connections' easily added via their 'click to connect' approach.

The question: What's your current favorite quick and easy website creator for small businesses who can't and perhaps shouldn't need to really afford a full-blown $5-10k custom-developed WordPress website?