Geo tagged photos on website

Dec 25, 2012
I was reading a blog post I saw linked here (can't remember the exact one off the top of my head) and they were talking about the ranking factor of photo's tagged with location (I assume this is like a citation associated with the photo i.e. youtube citation) but it got me thinking.

Would it be worth the time and effort to geo-tag all of the photo's on my website to my business NAP and then re-upload them? I would guess it would take some time but I suppose eventually G would log the data?

I have no idea if that would work, or if it is stupid but I am open to anyone's opinions.

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
I personally would not take the time. But if you feel the idea has some merit I'd try 2 on home page and 1 on contact us page. On the site itself I think renaming the images with city+KW likely would make more of a different so do that on those 3 images as well.