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Sep 12, 2012
So, we've got a client that is in kind of a predicament. They have two big rental businesses right next to each other that both qualify for a GMB listing per Google's TOS.

They built this beautiful, scenic road the goes to both properties. The problem is Google Maps is sending them another way to the properties because the scenic route is longer than the alternate route. They invested a ton of money into the design, look and feel, etc. and I would hate for Google Maps to keep sending their clients through the slightly quicker route because it's not as aesthetically pleasing and doesn't set the same mood.

One on hand, you would think Google would let the owner choose how people get to their business but on the other hand, I can definitely understand Google's real "customer" here is the user, not the business, and the user wants the quickest way there (even though it's only like 1 minute quicker).

With all the being said, is there a way to manage traffic on Google Maps to your GMB location?

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