GMB Category: Why is "Dental Implants" linked to "Periodontist?"


Mar 1, 2017
Our agency focuses mainly on marketing for dentists. We've heard from many of our clients that they could face possible ramifications with the dental board if they falsely advertise themselves as a specialist.

So, for example:
A General Dentist can treat gum disease, but that doesn't make them a Periodontist.
A General Dentist can treat children, but that doesn't make them a Pediatric Dentist.

Both of those specialties require extra training. (Similarly, they can claim to do "cosmetic dentistry" but cannot say they are a "cosmetic dentist" as that is not a recognized specialty.)

So I'm confused when the only category GMB offers for dental implants is "Dental Implants Periodontist."

We have two clients who specialize in dental implants, but neither is a periodontist (one is a general dentist and the other is a prosthodontist). They don't want to be advertised as periodontists, but their primary offering is their expertise in dental implants.

Is there an explanation for why Google has tied these two categories together? It's harder to get our non-periodontist clients to show up for dental implants without using that category.


Jul 18, 2012
Usually this kind of stuff happens because Google isn't clear on why there should be a seperate category. The one you highlighted is definitely the one that correlates with dental implants searches so you would currently need to use it to rank better for those terms.

If you want to post a thread on Google's forum (GMB forum) and include links to documents that Google can look at that clarifies the difference and some of the issues you are mentioning, I'd be happy to escalate it to them and suggest they create a new category. Just link to the thread when you post it.