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Oct 29, 2019
One of my client's wants their GMB cover photo to be of a unit's kitchen and we have gone in and made it their "cover photo" in GMB but it is still pulling up an exterior building photo in the SERPs. I know this is a tricky thing with Google but does anyone know if there is a way to make your cover photo what you want or is it in the end all up to google?
Mar 28, 2019
While the cover photo you select can influence what shows up, the first image on your business page is still ultimately up to Google. When did you add the new image as the cover? It may also take a bit of time for the new one to start appearing. I'd recommend checking it over the next 48 hours or so. If you don't see it in that period, it probably won't pop up as the cover, at least in my experience.

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