GMB has had my business in pending since June, 2018!


Dec 5, 2019
I started a GMB page in June of 2018, the page shows 100% verified and in "pending" status which may take up to 3 business days. In July I opened a ticket with GMB, I followed up every other week or so. After months of being told that "they were aware of the problem and no date of resolution was available', I tried starting another location (while keeping the 1st page), again 100% verified and "PENDING". More months go by no help from Google, so I delete the 1st 2 locations, start another GMB page get it 100% verified and I am in "Pending" status again with another ticket opened. My ticket has been opened a week with the only repsonse from Google being, "I'm routing your query to a specialist on another team who is best equipped to address your question. You should hear from either them or myself soon." Unfortuneatly, I have heard this before.

Without Google recognizing my business, I don't show up! In fact, if you Google my business name, the only thing that shows up is my FaceBook page. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.