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Janell H

Mar 18, 2014
Hi experts! We want to link to our client’s GMB listing from our client’s website. We will put the GMB link in the website footer most likely.

How do I find the GMB listing link? Is it best practice to link to the Google Maps listing or the GMB listing?

One of my team members thinks it’s crazy to use the GMB link because we are sending users away from our client’s website back out into internet search.

Thanks in advance for your expertise!

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
Hi Janell

It's not crazy to link your website to your GMB listing, it's good practice.

The GMB listing link comes in a number of forms - the maps link, the CID, the placeID and the Profile short name.

The last one is probably the easiest. You can create your profile short name on the listing info section, the blue @ sign is where it is. The link then becomes

Yan Gilbert

Oct 15, 2016
The PlaceId can be found by going here:

(There's another version of this tool but it won't work for listings with hidden addresses.)

The CID url can be found by bringing up the knowledge Panel for the business, looking at the source code of the page and searching for: ludocid=
The number after that string will be the CID URL number. Add the number to the rest of the url like so:

If you are doing it often, there is a Chrome plugin that will help go a bit quicker:

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