GMB Logo/Cover Not Showing Up

May 21, 2019
Hi All!

We've been having this issue for the last month or so and assumed it was a bug but the issue isn't going away. When you look at our GMB, the logo and cover photo that we have uploaded are not showing up. I've tried to re-upload the images a few times and this will work momentarily but then stop working again. If you look in our photos section, we can see the photos we want are marked as cover and logo photo but it isn't showing to users. Anyone have any ides about this issue?

Screenshots are below.

Thanks for your help!



Jul 18, 2012
Hey John,

I actually just added this to my guide this week. There are 2 bugs currently with photos that keep them from showing. First, make sure they are at least 720x720 pixels. If they are and still aren't showing, contact GMB support. They can manually process the photos for you and get them live in about 48 hrs.

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