GMB/map rankings, could not understand how these got sorted out in the rankings


Nov 20, 2019
I had this posted to one of popular SEO FB group, however, it did not get much feedback/discussion, and we still have a big question mark.

Do you have any insight why the first one (being tracked) is on #12 (Local 3-pack) for this search in Lock 3-pack/map rankings?
We have been looking many things around "proximity, relevance, prominence", but couldn't know why. The one on #1 spot is at the same town and exact same street at 300 feet away from #12. These data looks very bizarre on why/how these map rankings get sorted out. 3 GMBs on the top 10 are not claimed (so surely not much GMB optimization thing), and 4 on the top 10 without website in GMBs(where are the contents and relevancy?). reviews, links, website authority, etc are all with mixed info.

map rankings.jpg

Much appreciated.