GMB pinpoint not appearing


Aug 27, 2019

For one of my clients the pinpoint marker of their business is not present on Google maps unless you type keywords for the business then they are displayed.

I have spoken to Google help and they state the business does not receive enough views and clicks etc, which is why they will not appear on the map with a pinpoint without the keyword for that business being searched for.

The business has been open since 2016 with a GMB set up (although not fully optimised until around May time this year) but they receive around 10,000 searches a month with an activity of 6,500. They also have 76 reviews at 4.7 stars which are responded too, images consistantly being added and have many citations in reputable places.

There are listings around my clients address which are not claimed, have poor star ratings, and with no optimisation at all which do appear with the pinpoint marker, so I am finding it hard to beleive the point that Google help made.

Has anybody else has a similar issue in the past?

This is prior to the latest algorithum movement in the last few days.



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