GMB Q and A's in USA market


Jun 19, 2019
Hello there,

I'm wondering if in USA market there is any possibility to sort Q&A's on GMB listings. I know there are different features depending on the country where the business is located. In Europe it's not possible and listings with a large number of questions, it is almost impossible to answer them because they can not be sorted by date.

Thank you in advance

Belen C

Mar 20, 2019
Hi everyone,
I have notice that after the new feature in desktop for the Q&A (recommended awnser coming from the reviews while you are typing the question), we have less questions. Does anyone notice this in your listings?

Talking to someone from Google, they told me that now more than ever is really important the reviews. And more important is how we awnser them, trying to give the right and complete information so when people are typing the question they could have accurate awnser.

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