Good Review Request Management Platform?


Sep 29, 2015
Just checking in to see what people's opinions are and who currently offers a good review management platform that is a good value for a 20-location business?

All I need is this:

1) Ability to import a list of customer emails and automatically associate them to a location (while ignoring any emails previously imported.) Possible ways to associated the emails to a location:

(a) Import one location's emails at a time by telling the system which location you are importing for,
(b) Include a field in the upload indicating which location the email should be associated with,
(c) View list of emails just imported and manually associate them with a location (not automated)

2) Send emails with link for Google My Business review for the location that email is associated, ONLY TO EMAILS NOT PREVIOUSLY SENT THE LINK.

That's all I need. It's pretty simple. I know there's other features like responding to reviews, etc. Those are all "nice to have" but not required. I just need basically a "Review Request Management Platform" at it's core. I suppose you could use Mailchimp for something like this but not having connectivity with your Google My Business account means you'll have to generate the links manually and won't see any information about your location reviews.

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