Google+ and Local Search Buzz ? November 2012

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Latest local SEO and Google+ Local news from the <strong><a href="">Local Search Community</a></strong>.

If you don't visit the forum or at least scan the RSS feed daily, it's easy to miss important posts because there is just SO much great content and so many important tips being posted by the community, that it's easy to miss out on great info.

So following, in no particular order are just a few of the many great threads that started in November.

<strong><a href="">Does Google Hate Small Businesses?</a> (Hot off the press - a lively discussion is sure to follow.)

<a href="">Google+ Local MERGE or Wait? + Benefits of Verifying G+ Business Page</a>

<a href="">Local SEO Pricing Models</a>

<a href="">Custom VS Default Google+ Local Categories</a>

<a href="">Getting 500 Error on Google+ Local Business Page?</a>

<a href="">Extensively Convoluted Google+ Local Offerings</a>

<a href="">Guide to Handling Ranking Drops and Google Algo Changes with Clients</a>

Moving the "A" in NAP - Process & Pricing

<a href="">Jumpstart Your Local Search Consulting Business

</a><a href="">The Worst Local SEO Client You've Ever Had</a>

<a href="">Setting Your Local SEO Business Up for Success</a>

<a href="">Is G+ Local Sentiment Analysis Worth A Hang? Really?</a>

<a href="">Funny Google Local Listings and Reviews LOL</a>

<a href="">LOCAL VideoScribing - Amazing New Local Business Idea</a>

<a href="">Take the P out of NAP and you're left with NA</a>

There are too many new posts to list, so just hit recent posts above to scan them all.

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Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Thanks Colan, means a lot coming from you since you 'live' here almost as much as I do. :p

There's just so much info flying around in here it's kinda hard to catch it all, especially for folks that don't get a chance to check in very often.

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