Google error sends out "Googlebot Can't Access Your Site" emails


Jun 28, 2012
Google Webmaster Tools Sends Out "Googlebot Can't Access Your Site" By Accident
by Barry Schwartz
April 26, 2013

In the past twenty-four hours, it seems as if Google sent out a message to thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of site owners, that there is a problem with their site.

Typically, you never ever want to ignore a webmaster tools notification but in this case, the messages were sent in error.

Google told these webmasters that "Googlebot can't access your site", that the site had connection failures and Google was unable to access your site.

Google's Matt Cutts wrote in the thread that this seems like an error on Google's side. He said:

"Hey everyone, please don't worry about this message at this point. Enough people are getting this message that I suspect it's an issue on our end.I've got an email out to our webmaster tools team, and we'll figure out what's going on."


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