Google Launches Adwords Express Plus for Local

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Adwords Express Plus just launched and I have not had time to really research so will just point you to the best resources and posts about it.

Mike Blumenthal did an in-depth post with screenshots.
Google Rolls Out Adwords Express Plus

Greg Sterling posted at Search Engine Land.
Google Promoting AdWords Express In Google+ As Way ?To Get More Followers?

And I think Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO was 1st to discover this new SMB ad option.
Google+ Pushes Ads for Pages

Head over to those threads to find out more. There is some good speculation and theory, but I don't have time to comment right now. And of course there is a lively discussion brewing over at Mike's.

What do you think???


Forum Member
Jan 23, 2013
This is interesting. Mike Blumenthal's post and Search Engine land were valuable reads.
I wonder about promoting Google+ Local pages as the landing page. If you are going to pay for this type of traffic to a Google+ Landing page as Search Engine land indicates I have to think you have already embraced Google+ Local as one of your main marketing web places.
I look forward in hearing what others think and to see how valuable (and expensive) this adwords express change will be.

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