Google My Business eligibility question (Hospitality Industry)


Jan 20, 2020
I just got a new client who operates the event centers within a major hotel chain...Does anyone know if the actual event center within the hotel is eligible for their own GMB listing? Google's support page Guidelines for representing your business on Google - Google My Business Help isn't super clear if this one is acceptable (probably on purpose), I can see arguments for either side as accpetable or not. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Belen C

Mar 20, 2019
Hi, i manage hotels and have several situations likes this (E.g: Spa, restaurant, convention centers).
It all depends on the situation.

Here are the Google guidelines for hotels. Theres special info for business inside your hotels "You can have listings for all businesses located inside your hotel if they can be accessed independently from the main hotel. For example, if there are restaurants, lounges, stores, or spas that customers can visit without having to be a guest of the hotel, those businesses are eligible to have their own listing".

Like Yan said np for a separate listing. Also keep in mind the guidelines for the name of listings inside another business.

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