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Google Posts Showing in the Local Finder

Oct 17, 2018
I was able to replicate it somewhat doing the same search of "Chicago foreclosure lawyer", but it was for a different business listing and it looks a little different.

Here is the listing in the finder, with the post preview and the "!" icon, and you can see that the preview is same as the title of the Event post. In the original screenshots, it was pulling the post description but mine is pulling the title.
I also don't get the "related to your search" box at the top of the knowledge panel like in the original screenshots.
It's also interesting that the post in the original screenshot is an expired post from Jan. 3 and it is still pulling.

I'll keep an eye on this going forward. We post for our clients and I didn't see this replicated for any of the posts we've done for them, but maybe we will in the near future.
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