Google+ Primer for Dentists - Episode 1

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
I know MANY of you hear work with Dentists, as I used to. And while I love working with Dentists, I know it can be like pushing a rope to get them to do something new, like get involved in social.


30 years ago I was a Dental CE credited speaker and traveled the country doing big seminars for Dentists. Most of my seminars were around "How to Build Your Dental Practice with High Technology". (I sold high end technology like Digital Xrays, Intraoral cameras, Lasers, Air Abrasion and Cosmetic Imaging systems.)

One thing I learned early on, is that if I (a guru or sales person - depending how they viewed me) suggested something, it was often worth a grain of salt. BUT if I could get a Dentist to recommend it, then the other Dentists would be MUCH more receptive.

Soooo, if you have Dental clients that you are trying to get involved in G+ (social) OR if they are telling you they really want to get more active on G+ but don't know how - then this is for you!

My friend, Chip Payet, a practicing Dentist who I call the the G+ Dentist, has just been on fire evangelizing G+ to other Dentists. Here is episode #1 from his Google+ Primer for Dentists. Share with your clients, you might be glad you did!

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