Google pulling in storage facility access hours

Mar 28, 2019
I work with self-storage facilities which typically have two sets of hours, one for the store office and one for the gated area, called access hours. We only list the office hours on Google because GMB lacks the ability to put in two separate hour sets. One of our stores just pointed out to me that Google is somehow pulling in access hours, which are visible when you click the "See more hours" button in the knowledge panel. This would be great, except the hours they're pulling in are wrong! There's no edit button and I can't figure out where they're sourcing this information from. Has this happened to anyone else's listings? Where does this info come from and how can I fix it?

Google Access Hours.PNG

5817 Google View.PNG

Cori Garrod

Apr 23, 2019
I would definitely check your website schema, Annika. Our self storage facilities are pulling in the correct office hours in our knowledge panel. I do know that when the hours schema was added to our website last year, GMB pulled in the access hours as the hours. That was a constant battle to fix! Good luck!

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