Google's new mobile testing tool, plus some mobile optimization tips

Oct 25, 2013
As most of us know, Google just made their mobile algorithm a larger piece of the puzzle a little bit ago, and to go along with that they've just revamped their mobile testing tool to have a different layout and more features. You can read about it here, or if you'd prefer Search Engine Land, here.

While I'm here, Search Engine Watch did an article today with a good starting checklist for mobile sites, it's worth taking a peak at. There are a lot of good tips in there, some obvious (I can't believe people still use full screen popups on mobile sites, I hate it when I run into that) some less so (there's some code samples to make sure you've got your viewport set properly).

Any favorite mobile optimization items on your list that Search Engine Watch didn't hit?


LocalU Faculty
Jul 18, 2012
Full-screen pop-ups are the WORST. Not sure why anyone does those anymore.

I think they missed click-to-call features. Most annoying thing about a local site is when the phone number is in an image and you can't tap it to make a call and it's not like you have a pen & paper handy to "write it down" and then enter it into your phone. If the theme is difficult to work with, one work-around is this plugin that I used on my church's website

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