Grubhub Ad in GMB panel - taking crucial margin from businesses dependent on delivery during COVID


Apr 3, 2016
Hi All,

Is there any way to prevent ads from showing in a GMB Knowledge Panel? For example, see the Grubhub ad in the GMB listing in the attached screenshot.

Restaurants who now have no choice but to do takeout & delivery because of the Covid crisis are now faced with their entire revenue stream - not just a part of the revenue like before Covid - being eaten away at, by Grubhub's double-digit commission fees.

Even if the restaurant has implemented a separate online ordering system, the extremely prominent ads from Grubhub that Google is putting in the Knowledge Panel is causing a significant portion of orders to go straight to Grubhub, and therefore taking money from the restaurant.

Is there any way to configure a GMB account to not allow this situation?


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