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Apr 28, 2020
Hello everyone and well done for putting together a very helpful forum.

I have read few threads with the same title but I thought to open add a new one for another issue.

My sitemap is submitted with no issues, however, google does not like to index my Homepage. The issue is the usual "Failed: Crawl anomaly"

The website responds 301>200
It's indeed slow for websites as google scored the website on Page speed insight a whopping 17 on mobile crawling.
Do you think this is the reason why my homepage does not get indexed?

I have around 296 pages on the sitemap but only 2 are "Valid"

any suggestion to overcome this?


Local Search Expert
Sep 12, 2012
I take it this is in GSC? Have you checked Google search using a site command? I would just to check if it's indexed. If it is, you're good. Take a look at the cache version just to make sure.

As for the GSC error (if I've interpreted your question correctly) it could be site speed possibly. It could also be the version you're running through GSC. Are you using the correct https version and www vs non www version?

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