How do I get a Google My Business listing to show up in nearby areas?


Sep 16, 2019
I am running a campaign for a local business. The business currently ranks in its local area, but his Google My Business listing is not showing up in neighboring areas. How should I target these areas?
Should I create new website pages for these areas? Is there a way to get my Google My Business listing to rank in other areas?


Jun 26, 2019
Depends on the type of business. If you are a local store in XYZ town, and customers search for "[your product] + ABC town" then there is no reason for Google to show users your business.

The intent of the user is to find something near them, and if there are other businesses who provided the same product as you that are closer, for what reason would Google have to serve their users your business instead of the better result? They are in the business of providing users good experience.

If you have done your research and believe competition is low, or you have a viable chance of capturing the search traffic from a neighboring locale then seeing up a location pages dedicated to how you serve those local markets could be a good start. Or mentioning areas you serve on a dedicated page.

Your strategy should be tailored to your business model, competition and long-term goals.

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