How to design content strategy to avoid filtering?


May 8, 2019
We have a many year old blog post that ranks well organically for a general product query that we use. I wrote a new one about that product about 8 months ago, and I figured out recently that the new one is not showing up for that product query because Google is filtering it out (ty, JoyHawkins). Otherwise, it seems it would show up in the same spot as the old one.

How do you design your content so that this doesn't happen?


Jul 3, 2019
Otherwise, it seems it would show up in the same spot as the old one.
I would not expect a similar ranking, only because it's a similar blog post in terms of content. Internal linking and backlinks are probably different, just to name two factors. The old post may have gathered a lot of positive user signals, the new one not ect. ect.

Furthermore SE may recognize duplicate content, if the new post is very similar to the old one. Then it will never get a good ranking.
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