How to Get Menu Shown on Google Local Listing for a Restaurant?


Jan 16, 2013
Hi All,

I have just started to notice this and I'm wondering how to implement this for some of my restaurant clients.

Im wondering if Google is doing it automatically because I have seen it on listings that don't appear to be actively managed.

Anyone have any insight?



Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Jason, I admit I don't work with restaurants so am not positive but it looks to me like those links are generated automatically by the algo and go to whatever menu site it thinks is best for that business. I think sort of like the "at a glance" snippets. She has a secret algo for what she displays.

Some menu links go to UrbanSpoon, some to GrubHub, some to others.

For instance this one goes to the wrong page of the restaurant's own web site. Mike tried to help this owner at the Google forum and told them they need to make the menu link on their site more prominent. See thread here: Google Groups

I would think if you link to the menu you want on every page of the site and get some social links you could help her pick up the scent.

Here is another thread: Wrong Menu link on google+ local page for my business - Google Groups

Oh and found this one in the help forum too. This listing when you click the menu link offers 3 choices.
So maybe she just links to any menu she finds.


Local Search Expert
Sep 12, 2012
My guess would be on the site links features in webmaster tools. I wonder if the local algo is interfacing with that feature? It's worth checking out.

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