How to rank for Easter (and other seasonal events)

Sep 8, 2016
I help a lot of churches with SEO. This week many of them are doing outreach and trying to connect with people interested in worship services or other activities related to Easter. I compared results for "Easter service near me" to the results for "church near me" and the differences were interesting. In fact, the church that showed up #1 in the Local 3 Pack for "Easter service near me" is 12 miles away and isn't in the top 100 for "church near me."

There probably aren't many other church SEO specialists here, but lots of restaurants, civic organizations, companies, etc do seasonal events, and the same principles apply.
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Sep 12, 2012
Website optimization. Just put up a page about your Easter service. If there's not a lot of competition (which there probably isn't) you should be good! Need to have it up about a month ahead of time though for maximum effect. 1-2 weeks before for 90% effect. 1-2 days before for 70% effect (maybe). If you put it up 1-2 days before, you better request a crawl that day via GSC.


Apr 14, 2019
Create a live event on Youtube & use Google Posts to promote the event. They are called YouTube place holders and rank extremely fast. Facebook live will work too. They are like announcements promoting your upcoming live event.

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