Identical Duplicate?

Steve W

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Jun 12, 2018
Hello Everyone!

I've been a follower/reader and this is my first post so I hope this is the right place to ask. I have a client in the insurance industry. He currently is associated with a big name brand insurance company and is ranking in the map pack for "brand-agent name". Well, he is now in the process of transitioning into starting his own independent insurance agency. Normally this would not be a big problem but the big problem is that he is staying/located in the same office space as the "name brand" insurance company.

Right now it looks like this...

Name Brand - Agent Name - Address (includes Suite #) - Phone
Independent Name Brand - Agent Name - Address (minus Suite #) - Phone

I built a GMB listing for him under his Independent (new) Company, applied for access to it and got denied access under his "Big Brand Name" listing. It's like Google didn't even recognize the difference at all.

Building citations and his GMB is killing me as Google is flagging it as duplicate and understandably so. My client is pretty adamant about staying where he's at because of existing and/or new clients already being familiar with his location. And he's not at the point where he can just cut the big name brand off just yet. So is there any remedy whatsoever that I can apply to let Google know that while this is the same person, location, and niche' that this is also a transitioning period until he gets to the point of being able to leave the big name brand company?

I hope this makes sense and I appreciate any and all help!
Oct 15, 2016
Can't find an official statement at the moment but pretty sure that a practitioner listing is owned by the practitioner and not the brand. Which means that he should have control over the listing to change it to the new name and not have to create a new one.

Colan Nielsen

Jul 19, 2012
Yes I agree with Yan. The practitioner "owns" the listing as far as Google is concerned.

What likely needs to happen is that the corporate office needs to transfer full ownership of his listing to him and then he can go in and update the information.

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