Incorrect Directions Issue

LinkNow Fam

Feb 19, 2019

I am having an issue where Google Maps is giving wrong directions when I use the "Embed a map" feature for my website. When I am on our maps page and I click "share" then "embed a map" and then "directions" it gives us directions to the wrong street number. On our Google page, our street number is set as "2722" but when you get directions this way, it brings you to "2706". I have tried to raise this issue with Google support, but they just tell me that they cannot do anything about maps issues and that all we can do is us the "send feedback" feature on maps. I have already tried this and did not get any results. Is there any other way I can escalate this issue so that our customers get proper directions when using our website?

For reference, here is our listing: Google Maps

Thank you

Eric Rohrback

Oct 3, 2012
You might need to move the map marker. That could fix it.

I went to street view and stood in front of your business, then checked where I was on the map. I'm a little further down the street than you have it set, so that's my first thought on how to fix the directions issue.


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