Insights from 56 Local Search Experts - Gold Nuggets Inside

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012

Rachel Howe just did an excellent roundup with top leaders in the local search industry including: Mike Blumenthal, Joy Hawkins, David Mihm, Andrew Shotland, Greg Gifford and more. It's QA interview style and there are some real gems inside.

Below are 56 answers from some of the top local SEO experts in the online marketing field today. They responded to some of the most common online marketing and SEO questions (struggles) local marketers and business owners face everyday. Needless to say, I was very excited to get their responses and feature them here for you.

Without further ado, check out each interviewee’s answers below for some awesome insights into kicking your local SEO strategy up a notch! You will definitely walk away with more than one actionable piece of advice. Each interviewee also has a bio where you can get to learn more about them and get some of the great content they put out.

Above is just a snippet - head over to read all the great insights, then come back to discuss.

Learn anything new?
Any points you want to expand on?
What was your favorite tip or observation?

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